You’re taking your final exams this year… and then what?

The time after your final exams may still seem far far away. You have other things to worry about, like your online classes and upcoming tests you’re dreading. Even so, it’s important to start thinking about your future. What are you going to do after your final exams?

What’s important to you?

It is important to reflect on what you value. Only you can decide what your future will look like, no one else. Interested in sustainability? Want to launch your own business? Or would you like to make the world a little bit better with your creative thinking? Start by looking for an education that completely matches your personality and values.

Choose a different path

Want to do something different than the rest? Ready for a different form of education? After your final exams, you can of course opt for a completely different type of bachelor or master than most do. You don’t have to choose the same path as everyone else. Don’t want to participate in boring lectures in old buildings? Rather have your classes online so you can compile your own schedule and work and learn in a simulation? Maybe you’d prefer to design your own curriculum so that it really suits you? This can become a reality!

Realize your dreams

One thing is for sure: you want to realize your dreams, and this is definitely possible! U.NXT offers its students a helping hand whenever necessary to offer support. A mix between online and offline learning allows students to shape their own timetable and focus on the things they care about. The bachelor and master Creative Business Studies is therefore perfect for students who aspire to become growth hackers, big data wizards, as well as creatieve heroes and social media gurus after their final exams. How do you envision your future after your final examens? Feel welcome and join U.NXT!

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