WHY U? Niels van de Wiel

Who are U?

I’m Niels van de Wiel, an older young person who still has the drive to do things differently, and better! I’m a certified math and economy teacher and have completed a study in Econometrics. I have been working for Phillips for 19 years, which is also my current employer, first in IT, then for Finance, and now within Design. This ties in nicely, with the bachelor we are currently developing.

What do U live for?

I want to share my knowledge and life experiences with others, make them smarter and wiser, and challenge them. I also find it important to give back to society in my surroundings. This is why I contribute by volunteering.

Why did U choose U.NXT?

Because what we are setting up is something that is unique: from passive, to active learning and applying your knowledge directly in practice in challenges set up by real companies! With this approach we can shift quickly and engage with the best available MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

What do U do for U.NXT?

I set up the financial and entrepreneurship curriculum and cooperated on the personal and professional development curriculum.

What does creativity mean to U?

Oh, that’s a tough question for a true beta-person! You would think that I developed creativity less than my U.NXT colleagues. But precisely by being open to this innovative way of teaching and being able to make a unique contribution to this form of education, my creative brain is fueling.

What does business mean to U?

This is what we are doing everything for, to deliver students that companies are eagerly waiting for and that have added value for business. Sometimes employed by a large or small company or self-employed, they can help companies with unique skills.

What does education mean to U?

For me, this means getting students enthusiastic and eager to learn and give them a sense of purpose. So that they can have sufficient knowledge and work solution-oriented, independently and in a group. This thinking process if often more important than the end result!

How do U see the future?

In the future, anything is possible, and change is a constant factor. It is up to us to offer students new challenges and it is up to them to participate!

Why should U join U.NXT?

Because of the innovative, unique way of education: MOOCs combined with “challenges” which we offer as “games”.

What motto do U have for me?

People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the people who eventually do.