WHY U? Johan Louter

Who are U?

My name is Johan Louter, I am 57 years old, studied Physics and Maths and I have been working for three blue-chip technology companies since 1990, mainly in commercial management positions. Currently I work in a global context, my worldwide highly skilled technology expert teams, support global Business Enterprises to transform their business into the cloud; examples are: autonomous (self-driving) cars, digital media platforms or personalized medication.

What do U live for? 

Helping organizations and individuals to have a meaningful and enjoyable life: as a professional I constantly scan and apply the latest digital technologies and business opportunities.
In my personal life, friends and family are the most important. Meeting and understanding people from different societies makes me happy. Sports, music, arts and culture are my lifelines.
The most serious challenge for the coming decades is to find new solutions for the big themes: housing, transport, food, water, industries and energy, in order to create a sustainable environment on our earth. The European Commission, amongst others, created a 2050 business outline to address these essential challenges.

Why did U choose U.NXT?

I didn’t only choose U.NXT, I created the five year U.NXT business plans, together with the SintLucas board. SintLucas is our U.NXT sponsor. We created U.NXT to give students an excellent opportunity, to address the challenges, I described above, in a creative way.
To have a nice stimulating work environment, it’s important that business-creative professionals will improve current Business Enterprises, or that they will be in the position to realize their own Start-up Business.

What do U do for U.NXT?

Currently I’m defining the U.NXT Creative Business Program to learn the modern digital skills. It is important to me, that U.NXT always offers the most up to date Program. Therefor U.NXT selects the best-in-class online content, every year again. Our U.NXT content comes from the most famous universities: e.g. MIT, Cambridge or Harvard, and also from technology company universities like the Microsoft university.
Apart from the basic curriculum, U.NXT students cooperate with Business Enterprises, they spend 50% of their time solving real business challenges together with U.NXT- and Business Enterprise coaches.
The U.NXT Bachelor and Master degree is one of the highest ranked diplomas in the world, accredited by the United Kingdom.

What does creativity mean to U?

Creativity is the ability to produce Products and Technology that is both novel and appropriate. Creativity is able to “transform lives and inspire change”. New innovative Products and Technologies will allow people to become a resident of meaningful and sustainable environments.
It’s also fun to work on creative solutions together.
Learning how to apply creativity, is perhaps, the most important form of personal development, for everybody. Our lifetime will be more and more intercontinental; understanding each other’s cultures is vital for me, to create sustainable neighbourhoods.

What does business mean to U?

Business for me is a balancing act, between myself as a professional staff member, my shareholders who invest money in my ideas and business plans, and my customers who pay for my products and services.
What is new, since a few years, is that it‘s not only about financial business results. What seems to be more important now, is the contribution one makes to the society. An example is the tabaco industry, they earn a lot of money, but you can ask yourself the question if this industry has a positive impact on to the society. These questions too, will be discussed, during the U.NXT Creative Business program.

What does education mean to U?

For me it’s vital that education is permanent, it doesn’t stop after getting a school diploma.
U.NXT prepares, bachelor and master students and alumni, to work for tomorrow’s industries, dealing with products and technology on a global scale.
U.NXT strives to continually connect to the current working environment to remain dynamic and advanced.
In order to provide students and alumni a proper start of their new working life, U.NXT combines: technology and data, with business and personal skills.

How do U see the future?

I tend to live more in the present time. What can I do “now”?, to create my job and personal options for tomorrow.
On a wider scale Europe and the Netherlands will only remain catchy, attractive and competitive, if we focus on our value add in the big themes. We will do that with outstanding modern education programs.
Learning is the most important personal skill. It is cheerful to use your creativity now and in the future.

Why should I join U.NXT?

to get the best business and personal skills for todays and tomorrows professions;
to work with experienced top lectures and coaches;
to learn from world-class online content;
to cooperate with real great Business Enterprises.

You will receive a high ranked UK degree, which gives you the opportunity to work everywhere in the world in a sector you like.

What motto do U have for me?

Be prepared to make yourself a living today and tomorrow, be well educated permanently, use your creativity to contribute to the big themes with a positive and joyous mindset.