Why U? Dorien Verdier

Who are U?

Dorien Verdier, I’m entrepreneurial, innovative, adventurous, flexible, focused on getting results, decided, and professional. My style is open, direct, and honest and I’m passionate and enthusiastic. I like to travel, spend time with friends and family, and love cooking.

What do U live for?

For me it’s important that we have an environment where everybody is okay and accepted. For me that is the right place where learning is possible, and innovation is happening. I am really passionate about innovation and learning so I wonder what ‘the world of tomorrow’ will look like. I am very curious in how we can prepare ourselves for this world.

Why did U choose U.NXT?

U.NXT … I think in the most cases U.NXT chooses you, it is something special. All my passion is in it, about education, learning and innovation, this is all captured in U.NXT. U.NXT also is about cultural changes a lot of business have to make, especially in education. In my experience in education, I saw a lack of real willingness to change in the organizations, and to prepare for the future in relation to new generations.

What do U do for U.NXT?

I am responsible for business and education. As a quartermaster, I am responsible for the whole project, the financials, the student and business recruitment, and the development of the education. So basically, I build the business and learning environment, of course I do this with a very good and adventurous team.

What does creativity mean to U?

I think creativity is a way of living, you see things differently, it doesn’t stop when you go to bed or cook a meal. You will find several solutions but also see behind the scenes and prepare for the day after tomorrow.

What does business mean to U?

To make something into a success is a drive for me and then I mean the whole picture, to make sure we are getting the results we agreed upon. So, if it is not going in one way, I will try the other. I also like to work with new business models and find alliances to make new connections.

What does education mean to you?

Working with people who want to learn is always the best thing for me. Especially when students are going to fully pick up their own process and pass you by in their enthusiasm and surprise you with ideas that you had never dreamed of. So you also will learn a lot in this process.

How do U see the future?

The short-term developments are more about the impact and consequences of technologies on education and the organization. So, how do we get the employee and organization further developed into a fast, agile, creative, innovative, networked and experimental organization? This means spread creativity and innovation through the network of stakeholders (employees, partners, students) and the possibilities to organize and facilitate this.

Another long-term important development is that we have to find a way to “get people used to a new world”. There is a completely different task for education here. In addition, it is also important to expose the major social and world problems and perhaps prepare everyone for a future in which, for example, work is no longer your daily activity, or that we may no longer live only on the earth as we know it.

Why should U join U.NXT?

At U.NXT we are creating a completely new organization, to support the students to become happy workers and people whom embrace a lifelong learning and development. So they will become experimental, agile, creative innovative and networked…..With MOOC moderators and coaches to help, who provide group coaching in a gamified environment and can analyze learning analytics with individual students. At the same time also provide feedback on behavior, where leadership and innovation are guaranteed as a continuous process in the standards.

What motto do U have for me?

Make sure everybody is okay as they are and prepare yourself for the future not by knowledge but by curiosity.