WHY U? Coen van Ham

Who are U?

Funny that you ask me, that’s the question I answer to all my clients: Who am I, what is my story and how can I show that. My name is Coen van Ham: designer, inspirer, and artist. As an identity consultant, I advise, teach, coach and know what it takes to make you shine. I make value visible and develop identity. See me as a creative single art director for complete successful brand experiences.

What do U live for?

I love to color this world. Make identity visible and reflect on value and values. It makes me happy to coach people and organisations in their personal and creative development.

 Why do U choose U.NXT?

Because I believe in new ways of educating. Nowadays I educate skills like identity development, personal presentation, design thinking and commercial approach to students and mayor companies. That’s why I love U.NXT: the perfect place to combine all these qualities in one bachelor. It took me decades to discover them myself, now you can develop these skills in only three years.

What do U do for U.NXT?

As a member of the core team of this new and innovative international bachelor, I create, shape and color this organization: both literally and figuratively.

What does creativity mean to U?

Feel. See things differently, free and with fun, with the aim to improve and innovate life. The contradiction in this is: while being creative, you will never know the outcome at the start. Because if you did, you just copied an existing process. That makes creativity so exciting. Oren Harari said once ‘The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.’

What does business mean to U?

Do. Be active and add value to the world. If you act effective and think about the steps you make before you leap, things will become better, bigger and with more effective results. As a creative student, commercial thinking was taught to me as something dreadful. Strange, because if your deeds have no value to others I was asking myself: for whom am I creative? Add something valuable to the world and business is born.

 What does education mean to you?

Think. Keep on learning. Every day. By everyone. And be curious about how you slowly change and grow through education. Wonderful don’t you think? In my life that has brought me a lot: how to develop my qualities and to keep a focus on what I really want. Find who you really are and how to become that single and unique person. And let the best people around you help you reach the stars.

How do U see the future?

I’m a realistic optimist. That’s why I see a bright and colorful future ahead of me. Everything is possible in the future. And there are jobs, inventions and ideas that make our lives easier. That’s one of the reasons why we need creativity and entrepreneurship: to create what we need in our near and far future. Sustainable and human. For that we need people with the guts to embrace change. Breathe it.

Why should U join U.NXT?

U.NXT offers the golden triangle of innovation, business and creativity in one bachelor. Better and beyond the current educational system. So remember, if you have multiple talents, please combine them here. You can’t change the world all by yourself. But you can be the sparkle. Collaborate, shine, work together, get inspiration from other disciplines and people. Open your eyes. Have the right attitude and drive. And feel welcome at this new university. U.NXT can guide you to a successful future.

What motto do U have for me?