WHY U? Bart Andriessen

Who are U?

Bart Andriessen, entrepreneur since 1999, developer of new products and services with the help of the internet and technology.

What do U live for?

Life is a gift and a challenge, and that game remains the most exciting thing there is. I live for that game and I stay as close as possible to the daily cocktail of challenges, love, incomprehension, surprise, distant admiration, astonishment, anger, joy, peaks and valleys.

Why did U choose U.NXT?

U.NXT chose me, it feels good to be as busy as possible with developing people in a way that helps people take on the fight of tomorrow in a better way. As a result, people can better enjoy the period that we walk around on this planet. And I think that’s the main purpose of life. Make and have fun.

What do U do for U.NXT?

Ensuring pleasure in developing a more pleasant way of education. Ensuring that future and current problems of our society are anchored in the curriculum so that new solutions can be considered.

What does creativity mean to U?

Everything, it is the basis of every step forward. It is most beautiful if it is also repeatable and scalable. That antinomy must continue to exist and I am contributing to it.

What does business mean to U?

Business is a way of living.

What does education mean to you?

That way you know whether or not a way of life makes sense and matters.

How do U see the future?

The best thing there is. It also the period where we will reside in the most.

Why should U join U.NXT?

Because then you help to take an effective and efficient way of personal development to a higher level. It is good for yourself, your environment and for all future developments in which you will become involved.

What motto do U have for me?

Save trip, and remember, “it is not the destination, … it is the journey”