WHY U? Annet Kloprogge

Who are U?

I’m Annet Kloprogge, a Learning Designer with a passion for bridging the gap between education and working life.

What do U live for?

Seeing others and myself grow. Thinking of ways to create an innovative and creative environment for the people around me.

What do U do for U.NXT?

Currently, I’m responsible for the curriculum Design and Personal & Professional Development. I’ve been involved for over a year now and have helped, along with the rest of the team, to get the Bachelor officially accreditated.

What does creativity mean to U?

It means freedom to me. It helps me to build connections between people and create a life for myself that makes it possible to structure my own agenda.

What does business mean to U?

Business to me also means freedom. It’s fun to connect to new people and see an idea come to life and turn into a ‘living’ entity. It never gets boring!

What does education mean to you?

I believe in Life Long Learning. So, education is a part of life. Something you start with the day you are born and throughout your life – hopefully – you find ways to never stop learning and always stay curious.

How do U see the future?

The future is full of challenges and opportunities. I think we can’t predict the future all too well, because currently it’s changing more rapid than ever. When you adopt this mindset of an ever-changing world, it helps to live your life in a flexible manner. For me, that’s the reason to keep on learning about new trends, new generations and cultural changes.

Why should U join U.NXT?

You should join U.NXT to learn more about building an adaptive mindset. This way you are prepared for the future, because you’re the one building that same future. You’ll learn something about everything and find your own niche in the field that you’re interested in.

What motto do U have for me?

Just keep swimming – Dory (Finding Nemo)