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Are you looking to focus that wild creative energy you have? Are you looking for a place where your voice is not only heard but developed?  U.NXT believes in the power of creativity. We know from experience that your creative drive, coupled with the ammo of hard-won skills, creates an unstoppable force.

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Looking for a new bachelor to put your creative mind to work? The Bachelor Creative Business at U.NXT offers the newest high-end learning experience in Eindhoven. A full-time study, embedded in the real world, where you can unlock your potential: student-centered, putting your ambitions to action while you learn.


U.NXT offers a brand new international and innovative education at the cutting edge of creativity, technology, data, and business.

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Develop skill sets both online and offline. Unlock the power of your personal learning experience platform (LXP) and meet your peers at our location.


Unlock your potential during real-life challenges set up in collaboration with major global companies.

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we know that the way most schools work, doesn't work for everyone

U.NXT does it the other way around. At U.NXT, working close with big businesses in real-life challenges, you develop skill-sets in a real-life and online environment, using the limitless potential of your own LXP: Learning Experience Platform. You have the opportunity to work at your own pace in a tempo that suits your needs. We thrive to create the best future for the ones around us every day, we challenge you to do the same. 


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U.NXT collaborates with major global companies to develop ground-breaking challenges for our students.

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