want to take a look behind the scenes at U.NXT?

by Noud van Diest

On December 18, the U.NXT headquarters in the Microlab at Strijp-S became the set for a new promotional video. The team behind the curriculum of the Bachelor and Master Creative Business Studies shot a series of videos where they showcase what you, as a future student, can expect. The video focuses on the various disciplines within the program and shows the faces behind the newest educational program in the Netherlands. How is a video like this created? Our online marketer, Noud, explains.

The purpose and context of this video was determined before a single frame had been captured on screen and only a concept had been defined. Potential students interested in the bachelor or master almost want to overload themselves with information about the program, but they want to do so in a “snackable” and “bitesize” way. They don’t want an exhaustive description that goes on and on, but want to watch or listen to a speaker who sharply presents the information in the shortest time possible. This video is shot for social media use (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN0 and the website landing page. Shooting day begins after pre-production with call sheets, scripts and production work.

The various speakers gathered (corona-proof) in the Microlab for the recording day. A slip of the tongue is human, so an entire day was set aside for these recordings. Once the lighting and dressing of the set, the audio and lighting check and the shooting of atmospheric shots are done, it is time for the editing and animations. Audio and video clips are edited together and supported by animations. The videos were shot indoors on a day with bad weather, so additional lighting was provided. but not too much as that offsets the white balance of the video. The video had to be color corrected in post-processing by “grading”. This made the shot look nicer and more functional (see image).
The shots are supported by animations, because even Angelina Jolie just speaking would start to get boring after a few minutes . The animations shake things up a bit and reinforce what is being said by the speaker. The interview is reviewed frame by frame and words and models are underlined or visualized.

These video’s will appear on the U.NXT platforms in the coming weeks. In short, this was the entire process from production to editing. Want to know more about the making of a video? Contact us now for a virtual cup of coffee.