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U.NXT has a diverse community of people who ensure that U.NXT is constantly ahead. We always look to the future and find that creativity is key to everything. Our team is made up out of dedicated professionals who are steeped in years of professional experience.

Dorien Verdier

Dorien Verdier is the head of the dynamic team for education and innovation. Dorien has countless years of experience in education and is daring, involved, and resourceful. She is U.NXT’s go-getter and strives to make U.NXT the next prestigious partner in Creative Business Studies.
Bart Andriessen

Bart Andriessen is the entrepreneurial brain and spirit behind U.NXT. He is intuitive, proactive, and recognizes the need for an educational revolution like no one else. As the initiator of U.NXT, he continues to push for innovation and support for Creative Business Studies around the globe.
Coen van Ham

Coen van Ham is our creative and strategist. Coen is positive, sharp, approachable and energetic to work with. From creative to effective, peppered with personal development. For U.NXT he shows creative leadership by building the image and identity of this innovative organization.
Donna Rijkers

Donna Rijkers is our communication and language specialist. She has a multidisciplinary background and is always curious about anything and everything. For U.NXT, she is the all-round language expert, focusing both on education and communication.

curriculum team

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U.NXT has assembled a dedicated team of professionals to design and implement our curriculum. This team consists of industry professionals who know exactly what each industry demands, so that the curriculum can be adapted accordingly. Meet our team!

Johan Louter

Johan Louter is U.NXT’s program quartermaster. He is a Global Sales & Portfolio Manager for Cloud Services at HCL Technologies. He is constant on the lookout for the latest industry developments to curate the best courses and challenges for our students. He is an analytical and versatile thinker with a remarkable vision on the future of education.

Jos Maassen

Jos Maassen is our expert on online courses. He is an industry professional who understands the world of MOOCs in a class of its own. Jos is an online learning innovator and strengthens U.NXT’s team with his knowledge on learning in the cloud.

Paul Westeneng

Paul Westeneng is U.NXT’s professional expert on technology and data. Additionally, he knows everything about online learning solutions and has built an extensive career on online and personalized learning. It is his passion to organize, set up and optimize learning and development processes so learners can learn with fun.

Annet Kloprogge

Annet Kloprogge is U.NXT’s expert on design and personal development. She has graduated from Hyper Island and has been working as a city ambassador for the city of Utrecht as well as being a learning designer for different companies. Annet has a fresh and innovative perspective on teaching and learning and is currently also a course leader for Hyper Island.

Juliet Gagnon

Juliet Gagnon is our language and academic writing expert. She is an interdisciplinary artist with years of experience in teaching, writing, and other multidisciplinary projects. She currently also teaches the Academic Writing and Critical Thinking course in our Bachelor Visual Communication program and is the Artistic Director for Stichting Watershed in Eindhoven.

Niels van de Wiel

Niels van de Wiel is our expert for financials and business. He has been working for Philips for almost twenty years. His current position is Systems Analyst. He has a background in econometrics and has been a teacher at the University of Maastricht.

supervisory board

experienced professionals from different industries

The supervisory board oversees U.NXT’s activities, securing that U.NXT does not divert from its mission and vision. The supervisory board consists of experienced professionals from different industries.

Kim Albert

Lawyer at

Jan Breukers

Owner of Symvoli

Mark Hoevenaars

Director Strategy & Marketing at Sioux

Monique Klepke

Director of Sorgente B.V.

Loek Nieuwenhuis

Lectorate vocational education