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U.NXT is powered by SintLucas and the University of Northampton, organizations and professionals. We recognize that there is a gap between education and employment and our aim is naturally to close that gap.

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies aims at providing students with the right basis and relevant working experience. The bachelor will start in September 2020. 

In addition, the University of Northampton and SintLucas collaborate on the BA Visual Communication with the goal to deliver high class creatives out of excellent SintLucas alumni.


sintlucas eindhoven and boxtel

SintLucas is an mbo-school focusing on the creative industry and situated in the Brainport region: Eindhoven and Boxtel. More than 3000 students have graduated since the start in 1959 in various pathways all revolving around creativity.

Creative talents choose SintLucas because we guide them towards a bright future in the creative industry. Companies and HBOs choose SintLucas students because they are ahead in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude. Organizations choose SintLucas because we connect knowledge development, experiment, facilities and innovative power within the creative industry and beyond.

university of northampton

university of northampton, uk

The University of Northampton is set in Northampton, United Kingdom offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many different fields ranging from arts and design, to law, and psychology.  

As one of the few universities to be ranked Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), they know that sharing knowledge, supporting creativity and striving to make a positive difference will change the future. 



While U.NXT is a future oriented educational institution, we also have to acknowledge our creative heritage at SintLucas. Are you a SintLucas alumnus and do you believe in our vision and mission and want to support us? Contact us!


U.NXT strives to use the latest technological education tools. We have contracts with several suppliers to give our students the best to work with. We are constantly changing and evolving and always on the lookout for new suppliers to work with. 


U.NXT students have the incredible opportunity to register at our own dedicated employment agency SiNTLUCASNXT.

employment agency

SiNTLUCASNXT is an initiative by SintLucas in Eindhoven and Boxtel, the school for creative talent. NXT started in September 2018 based on the desire to allow MBO students to gain more relevant work experience during their three- or four-year study at SintLucas. In this way, students gain more experience with real assignments and the connection to HBO or to the labor market increases.

get paid to study

NXT students can register at the employment agency. Here, students can work on part time projects, and can get hired by the companies they collaborated with in the challenges. These companies might want you to implement the solutions you suggested by the challenges, or like you so much they want to hire you already! Our aim is to get as many of our students to register so that they can get paid to study.

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