As parents you can probably relate to this. The graduation year of your child is a year with many exciting and thrilling moments. Will my child make it? What is their plan after graduating? Will they immediately start working, or will they continue their studies? Many questions about the future are uncertain. How can you help them to orientate and make the most of their future?

why u.nxt?

U.NXT is a new educational initiative where we know one thing for sure: students want to be educated for the jobs of tomorrow. We want to make the future steadier and secure. We do this with our three-year bachelor’s degree where we combine creativity with innovation and business. This is the golden triangle of the future. The Bachelor Creative Business Studies.

Students will not participate in large classes but will study online and on their own pace through the use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Additional benefits: the curriculum can be adjusted as soon as new developments calls for it. Furthermore, every student gets their own personal guidance and assistance on their specific issues.

Besides MOOCs, students work on challenges. Here, they apply their knowledge on problems that come directly from renowned (high-tech) companies. While working on the challenges, students gain relevant work experience during their bachelor’s and they get the opportunity to network with great companies.

personal guidance and coaching

U.NXT provides students with the best possible personal guidance on offer. Students can work at their own pace while their coaches can track their progress through learning analytics. They are always on stand by to offer any guidance and answer questions.  Students can expect guidance from U.NXT coaches, but also industry professionals who help them during the challenges. 

jobs of tomorrow

Your child will not be stuck in a classroom but will engage in a gamified environment: a work method where students get to experience the reality of working real jobs as close as possible. This is not a dull classroom, but a comfortable environment where everyone can become the best they can be.

Students will be supervised by industry professionals during the challenges and the MOOCs to close the gap between the job market and education as much as possible. At U.NXT we communicate in English, something that is required for a future that will become more and more international.


U.NXT is a private institution. We operate in collaboration with the University of Northampton. Students will thus graduate with a British bachelor diploma (equivalent of a Dutch hbo diploma). We are not funded by the Dutch or British government.

The investment for the Bachelor Creative Business Studies is €14.950 per year. Students may be eligible for student financing through DUO.

additional information

What will your child go for? Which direction will they choose? Perhaps they don’t have an idea yet. Do you want to know about the possibilities that we have to offer?

You can apply here for more information. Or, apply here for the YOU ARE NXT Events that will be held on January 14, February 3, and March 19 in the Microlab in Eindhoven.

Be welcome and remember: YOU ARE NXT.

"The best preparation for a complex and rapidly changing future is learning to make a contribution today. Extended community-connected challenges build agency, design thinking and entrepreneurial mindset."

Tom Vander Ark

"Learning through an element of play allows us take ownership of new ideas and ways of working or behaving and ignites our curiosity".

Louisa Weinstein

"We must challenge ourselves to look at children who might seem rebellious, disabled, or unmotivated as potential leaders and innovators, not troublemakers."

Robin Lake

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