NEWS – U.NXT Accreditation

The U.NXT Creative Business Studies Program has been accredited and certified by the University of Northampton in March 2020.

The University of Northampton has been rapidly building a reputation for its innovative teaching and learning style that has ‘de-formalised’ and personalised the higher education experience for its students. So much so, that in the UK government’s recent Teaching Excellence Framework exercise, the only official ranking of UK universities, the University of Northampton received the highest possible award, TEF Gold.

U.NXT students will receive an official UK accredited University of Northampton diploma for Undergraduate programmes.

Undergraduate programmes are honours programmes at bachelor’s level.

  • Duration: mostly 3 years
  • Study load: 120 credits per year, i.e. 360 credits for 3 years of study.
  • Content: presentations and essays, participation in working groups, modular exams per subject. The student’s presentations throughout the programme count towards the final result (continuous assessment); final examinations that cover the material dealt with over the course of an entire academic year have become rare.
  • Diploma: a bachelor’s degree with honours Creative Business Studies, Dutch comparison: HBO or WO bachelor’s degree (NLQF 6/EQF 6)
  • The bachelor’s degree with honours Creative Business Studies provides access to university masters

U.NXT will start and kick-off the first year of the Creative Business Studies Program in August 2020. Level 4 graduated students (MBO, HAVO, VWO) are welcome to join the Creative Business Studies Program.