master creative business studies

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master creative business studies

U.NXT is based on the firm belief that creativity is fundamental to unravelling the challenges of our complex world.

The Master Creative Business Studies is an incubator. Fertile ground to grow within an embedded campus, working with the principals of blended learning, all directed at helping you get your entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial initiative off the ground. Our aim is to launch you own entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial business venture.

We work with you to make your ideas reality. Real change, real impact, real dreams.


The program is based on creative thinking, strong action-driven personal/professional development and the integration of actionable, sustainable business skills. The embedded campus and blended learning are central to our master’s program.

embedded campus
Our campus is in the Microlab in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Microlab is an innovative Makers Space founded on the idea that community and network support innovative business. You work in teams within this community that is embedded in the hum of 100’s of other creators making their futures.

blended learning
Blended Learning at U.NXT is a crucial aspect of your program. We offer an LXP (Learning Experience Platform) with MOOC’s and couple this with onsite Tutors and Academic and Business Mentors. On-site classes in Technology, Data Science, Personal Development, Creative Development and Business Development.

To find out more on how the curriculum is structured, take a look at the Wheel of Education below.

  • Create and execute an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial start-up. Learn how to define your goals as an entrepreneur and start-up and integrate your skills and knowledge into an agile business venture.
  • Learn how to secure balanced funding and set up an appropriate financial and administrative ecosystem that fits the nature of your business venture and learn to plan and use effective marketing instruments that align with today’s world and your products and services.
  • Design your product and brand. Increase brand engagement and develop meaningful products and services.
  • Use design thinking to analyse users in their own environment and learn how to translate user insights to a design challenge that will spark creativity.
  • Collaborate in modern ways, using a set of methodologies from high-performance teams.
  • Recognize and overcome hurdles in creating a technology driven business venture and bringing it to the market and to critically reflect on their own business venture and technology from an ethical, risk and safety perspective.
  • Effective writing for entrepreneurs.

The U.NXT Masters in Creative Business Studies prepares students to stand at the helm of their futures. Students focus on creating New Business Initiative(s) within their chosen Industry (e.g. High-Tech, Manufacturing, Pharma or any other Industry). U.NXT is based on the firm belief that creativity and business skills are fundamental to unravelling the challenges of our complex world. We define creative business as flexible, adaptive, the capacity to implement solutions with novel approaches and imagination. The U.NXT Masters students use the ideals of self-directed, socially conscious, impact-driven methods to achieve their goals. Together with the support of faculty, mentors, their colleagues, and situational challenges, and LXP’s (Learning Experience Platforms) students examine, expand, and experiment with a broad creative business tool kit.

As a community of learning, we respect, include, and work toward an environment of differing perspectives. These varied perspectives are seen throughout the program as we work in collaborative environments.

We wholeheartedly believe that the ability to respond to a world that is volatile, uncertain, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) is fundamental to a student’s success both in businesses as well as in academia. U.NXT is real-world experience, embedded within businesses and facing real-world complexities. U.NXT demands accountability, showing up to the process, and conducting studies based not only on the drive of the self- but the meaningful business impact our actions can have on our environment.

We recognize that the values of this institution must include an intrinsic search toward the inclusion of wide ranges of industries, people, cultures, innovations, and bodies of knowledge.  We work to deliver new business, be thoughtful in our actions, and implement new strategies focused on diversity, inclusion, environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Our students will achieve a state of creative business confidence. Bolstered by the hands-on tools of program modules, and then coupled with this ideal driven philosophy. Our work within the institution is articulated and refined through the practice of various industries and understanding of the core creative competencies of U.NXT together with our students.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential to this process. Our students are creating networks that seed into personal opportunities beyond this educational programme.

U.NXT believes that Masters students thrive when given autonomy to experiment through doing, in experience-based learning in the gamified incubator environment. Within the Masters an emphasis is given to define the role of entrepreneurship within the student’s education, for each student to co-create a highly personalized approach to their learning. Creativity is at the forefront of this study as a crucial element to start-up new business, effective problem solving and stretching student’s ability to think and act critically to complexity.  Within U.NXT so called soft skills and creative focus are the crux to be successful  and these are precisely the elements that makes a U.NXT student different to another comparable study. Not just the practical applications but the intrinsic role of the self, what drives you, how can one persevere, how do we manage not only adversity but also how to make thriving profitable and responsible businesses accountable in a changing world. At U.NXT we are not looking to create rote learners, rather we look to coachable yet autonomous thinkers. People with strong ideas and opinions who understand both the limitations and strength therein, whose goals of learning is to better understand and embody their knowledge rather than just “test well”. We are here to support business game changers, innovation accelerators, local heroes, rebels. We are U.NXT

Central to our curriculum is your personal development. Throughout the whole program you have access to coaching to develop your authentic skills and unlock your potential.

The content of the program is multidisciplinary and ranges from data to business. This way you prepare to become a multi-skilled employee or entrepreneur. We believe this is a guarantee for landing a good job right after graduation! The content is taught through both online and offline courses.

The challenges are an important part of our curriculum. After all, real-world challenges will give you real-world experience. You will learn by, together with your fellow students, designing creative solutions to real-life problems and cases offered by major global companies.

Online education through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are a form of interactive learning that develops your professional skills at the same time as embodying the content. The online courses allow for an interactive and innovative learning environment where simulations and gamification allow you to ‘play’ and learn at the same time!

wheel of education


future careers

After graduating from U.NXT you do not only receive a globally recognized master’s diploma form the University of Northampton, you are also prepared to start and scale up your own business venture.

Besides the network you gained during the challenges and being an expert in the field of creative business studies, some core skills you have developed are to:

  • Create and execute a start-up
  • Secure funding and bring your venture to the market
  • Design your own product and brand
  • Collaborate in modern ways with international teams
  • Use effective and creative writing to support your business needs

entry requirements + finances

“You are a ghost, driving a meat-coated skeleton, made from stardust, riding a rock, hurtling through space. Fear nothing.” – Author Unknown

Your personal skills and motivation are central to our selection process. We find it even more important than your grades. We are interested in what drives you, what your ideas are and what kind of impact you want to have on this world.

As an U.NXT master student you:
+ Have completed a bachelor
+ Have a European passport
+ Are self-driven and reflective
+ Are capable of failure as well as success
+ Want to have an impact on the world through your own business
+ Are eager to learn through doing rather than thinking
+ Are either continuing your education to take the next career step, or you are a professional in your field looking for the ammo to take that ‘big business innovation leap’ 

Your investment for the Master Creative Business Studies is €21.950 per year. For more information on receiving student financing from DUO, read more by clicking the button below.


We offer a globally recognized master’s degree by the University of Northampton. This will be a worldwide accepted degree (also in the NL) to help kick start your career!

The steps of applying to this process:
+ Reach out to us by clicking on the link below
+ We will connect with you and get to know each other
+ Complete a personal assignment that demonstrate your skills and motivation
+ Evaluation process
+ Sign your contract!