bachelor creative business studies

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is a new and educational program that unites creative and business skills. At U.NXT students can study at their own pace. This is one of the focal points of our curriculum. U.NXT will help them evolve in an agile professional with enough creativity to change the world.

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is an international multidisciplinary program that combines creativity, business, data science, languages, and technology into one highly unique course. 

The bachelor is set up in collaboration with SintLucas and the University of Northampton.

Come and meet us during the YOU ARE NXT events.
The first event will be held on 14 January, 2020.

who are we looking for?

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is suited for students who:

  • want to evolve into a valuable and happy worker
  • have entrepreneurial spirit and goalsetting mind
  • want to change the world in a durable and design driven way
  • have a Dutch mbo-, havo or vwo diploma or an international equivalent


  • start september 2020
  • classes in English
  • duration: 3 years
  • fulltime learning and working
  • renowned online moocs
  • personal coaching
  • 9 real life challenges
  • gamified environment
  • investment €14.950 per year

why study at U.NXT?

Students will become more motivated by enrolling in an interdisciplinary educational program. They will concentrate on many different subjects with an adaptable curriculum that focuses on the most important worldwide trends. If one solution does not give them the desired result, they are wired to look for a better alternative, using both their creativity and knowledge.

practical challenges
In addition, they will apply their theoretical knowledge during the practical challenges. During these challenges they will work together as a team with a major global company to solve a real-life problem. This is not only a chance for them to demonstrate their skills but is also a great opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

study online
Our unique approach to personal learning also gives students the advantage of being able to study at their own pace. We combine the freedom of online learning with a classroom environment while safeguarding their process at the same time with the help of our dedicated coaches. We update our curriculum constantly to remain as up to date as possible.

online learning

We believe that everyone has a different approach to learning. With a carefully curated curriculum of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) students can study at their own pace and develop in the way they desire. They will follow courses in the fields of creativity, technology, data science, financials, and language.

In addition, they will apply their theoretical knowledge during challenges. These challenges are in collaboration with major global companies to set the students up with the best possible connections and experiences once they graduate.


U.NXT is a future oriented educational institution. We have carefully curated a curriculum of the best Massive Online Open Course (MOOCs) for our students.

They will get to work with several online MOOCs eliminating the use of books. They will work in an online platform especially built for our students. Our coaches and lecturers can track your progress in order to provide you with the support you need.

The MOOCs we have selected for our students are provided by world renowned universities and are constantly updated.


U.NXT believes that the ability to apply theoretical knowledge is perhaps the most important skill students can learn. We have designed challenges in collaboration with major global companies. They are asked to solve real problems with a team of fellow students to prove that they are a real master of the five core subjects. This results in relevant work experience and gives students the opportunity build a great network of contacts while they study.  

Our aim is to let students have a taste of as many different industries as possible, as well as be of value in any aspect of the value chain in any industry in the world.


During the challenges, students will get to experience how to study in a gamified way. They are ready to apply their theoretical knowledge in a pratical manner. Gamification ensures constant success, and above all, makes studying and participating in challenges fun.

after graduation

After graduating from U.NXT, student are better prepared to enter the international job market. They have a network of incredible contacts gained during the challenges, and are an expert in digital technology, data analytics, business, creativity, and world languages. They will put themselves in an excellent position to find a high-profile job in the industry you desire.

come meet with us

U.NXT organizes various events throughout the year to meet (potential) students and connect with the U.NXT community. Come meet us during the YOU ARE NXT events! During this event you can expect presentations and information about U.NXT and the Bachelor Creative Business Studies. You have the opportunity to ask questions, hear student testimonials, see new friends for life, and of course, grab a little something to eat and drink.

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