inclusivity policy

diversity and U.NXT

Inclusivity is one of the core values at U.NXT. We want to create an inclusive learning environment in which all students feel free and at home.

Besides developing an inclusive culture, we want to improve the accessibility of the Bachelor Creative Business Studies. It is therefore that we are working hard on implementing a policy that makes the Bachelor Creative Business Studies accessible for students with different backgrounds.

We are not only looking for diversity in skills and educational backgrounds, but we are also trying to make the study accessible to students who have recently came to the Netherlands as refugees.

equality in education

We believe that everyone needs to have equal access to education as well as we believe that this inclusivity policy will positively contribute to preparing our students for entering the international job market. After all, education ought to be an honest representation of the society that the students are a part of and will contribute to in their future careers.

contact and information

Pleun Andriessen is our expert on inclusivity and diversity. She is specialised in transitional justice and has experience with migration policies and education in the Netherlands. She is working hard on implementing the inclusivity policy of U.NXT. She invites you to get in touch for possible collaborations or to exchange ideas.

Want to learn more about our inclusivity policy? You can contact Pleun via e-mail on: or connect with her on LinkedIn here