inclusivity at U.NXT

Inclusivity is one of the core values at U.NXT. We want to create an inclusive learning environment in which all students feel free and at home.

U.NXT strives to be an inclusive university, where individual development of the authentic self in a safe environment lies at the core of our programs. We recognize that the universal right to education guarantees fair and equitable treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all our students, faculty, and staff. Our focus is on diversity, equality, and inclusion of people from all forms of social and cultural backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, ages, faiths, sexual orientations, and degrees of ability.

We see U.NXT in the future to be an inclusive university in an environment where we move beyond traditional ways of thinking that are exclusive in nature. We believe that our programs and a diversified group of students and staff are capable of dismantling old systems and build better ones. We can achieve this transformation in the fields of business and technology and impact the social sector and education as we know it. We will work from a critical perspective and uphold the standard of making quality education accessible to everyone and creating space for diverse ways of thinking, learning, and working.

To make this work, we believe in a collaborative approach. Both with (prospective) students as well as companies and experts in the field of inclusivity and diversity in education. We invite you to get in touch for possible collaborations, any comments, or to exchange ideas.