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bachelor creative business studies

What are the entry requirements for the bachelor?

You will need to have complete either mbo-4, havo, or VWO. You need to have affinity with design and business and have a minimum B1 level of English.

Where will the classes be taught?

Even though our students are registered in the United Kingdom, you will participate in your classes in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Are all the classes taught online?

No, students will spend their time 50% in class on campus and 50% online. 

Is the bachelor full time or part time?

The bachelor is a full time course and cannot be followed part time. The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is a three year course.

What is the tuition fee for the bachelor?

The investment is €14.950 per year.

Can you get student financing?

Students who want to enroll in the Bachelor Creative Business Studies can apply for possible student financing at DUO. Students can get up to €21.000 a year. Please contact DUO to check what your options are as a student.

Where is the bachelor accredited?

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is accredited in the United Kingdom. Students graduate with a British bachelor diploma.


How to I apply for the Bachelor Creative Business Studies?

Students can request a personal interview through our contact page. After completing the interview, students participate in a workshop. This completes the registration procedure.

Is there a registration deadline?

Students must be enrolled before the beginning of the new school year in September 2020.

Where am I registered?

U.NXT students are registered at the University of Northampton. Students are thus enrolled in the United Kingdom, but follow and complete their classes in The Netherlands.


Is U.NXT a private institution?

Yes, U.NXT is a private institution. We collaborate with the University of Northampton and SintLucas and we are not funded by the Dutch or UK government.

Is U.NXT part of the University of Northampton?

U.NXT is not part of the University of Northampton. We are a separate institution. We do collaborate on our bachelor programs with the University of Northampton.

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