bachelor creative business studies

You will need to have complete either mbo-4, havo, or VWO. You need to have affinity with design and business and have a minimum B1 level of English.

Even though our students are registered in the United Kingdom, you will participate in your classes in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

No, students will spend their time 50% in class on campus and 50% online.

Even though our students are registered in the United Kingdom, you will participate in your classes in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The investment is €14.950 per year.

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is accredited in the United Kingdom. Students graduate with a British bachelor diploma (BA). The master students graduate with a British master diploma (MA).


This education costs about the same amount per year as a regular HBO, around 15,000 euros. However, the taxpayer pays the largest part of your education with funded (regular) education. Private education happens on a smaller scale, with more personal attention, an excellent curriculum and amazing job opportunities. And as a bonus a lifelong network of friends and peers.

Yes, you can. You can apply for up to approximately 21,000 euros per year in student financing, which you can repay on very favorable terms, because you don’t pay any interest (0% in 2020). Because the course lasts 3 instead of 4 years, you save one year of room rent, life in Eindhoven and especially a lot of latte machiato’s 😉 So studying at U.NXT becomes affordable for everyone, and above all: with more chance of a successful future.

In addition to the student financing, and possibly the student fund, you can also get an additional scholarship. This is possible if your parents earn less than average. How much depends on a few things, but that also ensures that people with a smaller scholarship get equal opportunities. And that’s what we stand for at U.NXT. The maximum additional scholarship is around 400 euros per month, and if you successfully complete your studies, that’s a donation. You naturally have a full program at U.NXT. But because it’s so flexible in terms of classes, you can earn unlimited extra income with a side job, or maybe even your own business.

Yes, but that applies to any education. But don’t worry: you can still just take out a mortgage afterwards and live your life. After all the Challenges you follow with us you have a very good chance of getting a nice job. When you show what you can do, you often start with a higher entry-level salary at companies with a promising future.


U.NXT students are registered at the University of Northampton. Students are thus enrolled in the United Kingdom, but follow and complete their classes in The Netherlands.


Yes, U.NXT is a private institution. We collaborate with the University of Northampton and SintLucas and. weare not funded by the Dutch or UK government.

U.NXT is not part of the University of Northampton. We are a separate institution. We do collaborate on our bachelor and master programs with the University of Northamtpon.

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