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A challenge delivers a solution to one of the future problems your organization faces. The broad view from the fields of data analysis, technology, finance, communication, business and personal development also results in a comprehensive solution from a wide perspective. As such, U.NXT students add value to the research & development, prototyping & simulation, marketing & sales, production & supply and maintenance & support or the HR & legal departments.

Together, we determine the challenge in a kick-off session. We then refine the question during an inspiring workshop. Our students will start to work in the challenges the following 12 weeks together with one of our coaches and one from your organization. The results are presented at the end of the challenge.

A challenge requires an investment of 15,000 euros excluding VAT.

A challenge takes place of the course of 12 weeks. A team of 3-6 students will tackle your challenge.

The management team, students, and U.NXT business coach are present at the start of the challenge (to determine the focus) and at the final presentation. One supervising coach from within the organization will be required to work with our students during the challenge. This will take about 1-2 days a week, for twelve weeks.

A result is not only the solution presented by the students, but during and after the course all data can be viewed online 24/7 via the LXP: the learning Experience Platform. In addition, a Challenge is an ideal method for scouting the talents of the future.

Students learn in a gamified environment. This a work environment that reflects the business and real world as much as possible. This includes targets, deadlines, and more! This way, learning becomes like a game and fun, and it shows in the results.

We have designed a helpful graphic to explain the difference. This includes most differences. The biggest difference is that businesses are our starting point, and that we like to enter a long-term relationship as partners. This is how we strengthen the link between business and education.

Students start at level 4. After three successful years, they graduate at a bachelor level and they can continue their studies in the fourth year during the master, which can be participated in full time or part time.

We educate our students for the jobs of the future, and above all, we teach them the skills needed as described by the World Economic Forum. Think about a role as growth hacker, big data wizard, finance engineer, social media guru, creative hero, mobile developer intrapreneur or entrepreneur.

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