The world of tomorrow accompanied by new business opportunities is approaching fast. Creative Business Studies students from U.NXT help you to shape the future. Applying business creativity and digital transformation are the driving factors which will change the world into a better place, transform lives, inspire change, and help you to further develop your enterprise. We provide individuals with the perfect skill mix for the jobs of tomorrow.

Our adaptive curriculum connects education and business. U.NXT students are educated and trained to solve enterprise challenges. Do you have an idea that won’t get off the ground? Suffering business blindness? Do you have a great product to conquer the market? Is your company future proof? Are you uncertain how to progress with your digital or data strategy?

Collaborate with U.NXT.


We help you to solve your business challenges and implement digital solutions supported by financial business cases. Ranging from implementing a new transport concept for the automotive Industry, to digital marketing for the fashion Industry or creating an augmented reality manual for your high-tech product. 

Our students are happy to add value to your: research & development, prototyping & simulations, marketing & sales, production & delivery, and maintenance & support. U.NXT students help you to find the unexpected creative business solutions.

what does a challenge look like?

  • During two workshops, we jointly define the business challenge scope
  • Invest €20.000 in a challenge in return for unexpected and creative digital business solutions supported by a firm financial business case
  • Get new creative insights and business responsible solutions, based on data insights, creativity, solid business cases, and digital technologies, from Generation Z U.NXT students
  • You provide relevant work experience for students and scout exceptional talents before any other company does.