bachelor creative business studies

in short

what is the bachelor creative business studies?

are you looking for your new step ahead?

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is a new educational  bachelor program that unites creative and business skills. U.NXT allows you to study at your own pace. This is one of the focal points of our curriculum. U.NXT will help you evolve in an agile professional with enough creativity to change the world.

The bachelor is an international multidisciplinary program that combines creativity, business, data science, languages, and technology into one highly unique course.

The bachelor is set up in collaboration with SintLucas and the University of Northampton.

who are we looking for?

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is suited for you if:

  • you want to evolve into a valuable and happy worker
  • you have entrepreneurial spirit and goalsetting mind
  • you want to change the world in a durable and design driven way
  • you have a Dutch mbo-, havo or vwo diploma or an international equivalent
Social aspect of bachelor

why study at U.NXT?

get motivated

You will become more motivated by enrolling in an interdisciplinary educational program. You will concentrate on many different subjects with an adaptable curriculum that focuses on the most important worldwide trends. If one solution does not give you the desired result, you are wired to look for a better alternative, using both your creativity and knowledge.

blended learning

Our unique approach to personal learning also gives you the advantage of being able to study at your own pace. We combine the freedom of online learning with a classroom environment while safeguarding your process at the same time with the help of our dedicated coaches. We update our curriculum constantly to remain as up to date as possible.

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what will you be doing?

prepare yourself for the world of tomorrow!

The aim of the Bachelor Creative Business Studies is to enable students to influence innovative and value driven decisions in a future thinking and data driven way. Curious to find out what you will be doing?

student experience in the bachelor

course subjects

The use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) allows us to constantly use the best and most up-to-date content. Through the data from learning analytics from the MOOCs and our own platform, you, other students, and staff members are able to track and support each other in ways that were impossible before.


Real-world challenges will give you real-world experience. Here, you will learn by designing creative solutions to real-life problems and cases offered by major global companies. You will learn in a gamified environment to maximize your learning experience.

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learning experience platform

The bachelor uses a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) which is a digital workplace where all applications and learning content is compiled. The LXP is designed to support social learning. You can engage in discussions and add your own learning content.

academic support

You will benefit from a team of on-site tutors, online coaches, and workplace mentors. Your progress is monitored regularly and you will reflect on your strengths and weaknesses often to ensure success.

what will you be doing in the bachelor?

year one

  • fundamentals of business analytics
  • fundamentals of graphic design and technology
  • personal & professional development 1 – effective communication and presentation
  • academic writing


  • challenge one – preparing for business challenges
  • challenge two – fundamentals of business challenges
  • challenge three – fundamentals of graphic designs and technology

year two

  • forecasting, entrepreneurship, and machine learning
  • design technology for mixed reality digital applications
  • personal & professional development 2 – self and team management
  • literary strategies for effective writing


  • challenge four – putting it all together
  • challenge five – data driven entrepreneurship
  • challenge six – design technology for mixed reality applications

year three

  • branding and understanding emerging technology
  • data driven financial insights for business sustainability
  • personal & professional development 3 – ready for businesses and life challenges
  • “grand final” instruction and support


  • challenge seven – branding
  • challenge eight – grand final

what will you become with the bachelor?

After graduating from U.NXT, you are better prepared to enter the international job market. You have a network of incredible contacts gained during the challenges, and are an expert in digital technology, data analytics, business, creativity, and world languages. You will put yourself in an excellent position to find a high-profile job in the industry you desire. Think about working as a:

  • marketing manager
  • digital sales manager
  • business developer
  • product developer
  • portfolio manager
  • chief creative officer
  • application developer
  • business data analyst
  • online business expert
  • financial engineer
  • entrepreneur

Students can also choose to continue their studies by enrolling in a masters program at university level. 


invest in your future

U.NXT is a private institution. We operate in collaboration with the University of Northampton. Students will thus graduate with a British bachelor diploma (equivalent of a Dutch hbo diploma). We are not funded by the Dutch or British government.

The investment for the Bachelor Creative Business Studies is €14.950 per year. Students may be eligible for student financing through DUO.


application process

  • visit our office location in Eindhoven
  • attend one of our events
  • complete a personal assignment
  • receive feedback
  • sign your contract
bachelor means fun


want to know more?

Want to know more about the Bachelor Creative Business Studies or in need for advice? Don’t hesitate and contact us now with your questions or to schedule a personal meeting or phone call.