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Just imagine. Optimistic creatives, searching for pragmatic solutions? Innovative learning on the job? Technology driven business challenges? Developing personal skills?What about starting the future today?

U.NXT is the prestigious partner in creative business studies. Providing individuals and organizations with the perfect skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Do you have the attitude and drive to become world class? Then join this opportunity for your next step ahead.

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As the prestigious partner in Creative Business Studies, U.NXT offers a unique way of learning that has many advantages:

  • theoretical and practical knowledge combined
  • education for the jobs of tomorrow
  • adaptable curriculum to design your own path
  • internationally appreciated diploma
  • online courses and personal attention

bachelor creative business studies

The Bachelor Creative Business Studies is a new and educational program that unites creative skills with business skills. 

In our curriculum you can study at your own pace to optimally allow you to develop at your own rate and wishes. You will follow courses in the fields of creativity, technology, data science, financials, and language.

U.NXT will develop you personally in becoming an agile professional.

bachelor visual communication

The Bachelor Visual Communication is designed for creative SintLucas students and alumni who want to elevate their current level to an exceptional standard.

The course is designed in collaboration with the University of Northampton and focuses on four different pathways: graphic design, illustration, photography and audiovisual mediaproduction.

You want to distinguish yourself from other students in your future job? Then this is the program for you!

The best preparation for a complex and rapidly changing future is learning to make a contribution today. Extended community-connected challenges build agency, design thinking and entrepreneurial mindset.

Tom Vander Ark

Learning through an element of play allows us take ownership of new ideas and ways of working or behaving and ignites our curiosity

Louisa Weinstein

We must challenge ourselves to look at children who might seem rebellious, disabled, or unmotivated as potential leaders and innovators, not troublemakers

Robin Lake

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